Electric Violin Shop’s first episode of 2018 features Jenn Cornell


I am so excited to say that Electric Violin Shop selected me to be featured on EVS’s latest episode of “rockstar violinist” podcast!


You can listen to the EVS Episode 18 here:  https://www.electricviolinshop.com/rockstarviolinist 

The podcast is also available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and GooglePlay, and Player.fm.

I do hope you will take a listen, and get to know different things about me than you do when you listen to my music.

And, Shana, I do remember fondly our time chatting it up about cello and looping and inspiration!  It was my honor to be interviewed by EVS and you, Shana Tucker!

You can find out more on EVS with #electricviolinshop and @electricviolinshop; and, more on me with #jenncello and @jenncello.


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