I’m always looking for ways to connect with those that enjoy my music, and I believe Patreon provides a unique opportunity for a direct Artist to Enjoyer relationship that is very special. If you’ve been moved by my music and want to have a true exchange between us, please watch this video and consider joining my community today.

I’m calling it an ‘Inspiration Exchange’ where my goal is to inspire you and in turn to be inspired by you! A true exchange. I love music and with your generous support, I get to continue making music and making it more often. With Patreon you’re invited to learn how I create, why I create, and what I hope to do with my music. You will receive exclusive Patreon community only content like my new song ideas, voter polls on my creative endeavors, never previously released music, exclusive performances, keepable high quality downloads of songs, and early access to all my upcoming projects. In addition, we have monthly Q&A Hang out sessions where we discuss all things creative (whether that’s in playing your instrument, composing, or how you can have a deeper connection to the music and art in your life) When you are part of my Patreon, you’re fueling my work and you are directly responsible for giving me the ability to create what I want, how I want, and when in order to have what I hope in the end is a meaningful and inspiring experience for us both.

In Joy and Gratitude, Jenn Cornell

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