“Earthborn – Despite Our Differences”

I composed and recorded this during quarantine and was deeply influenced by all I see and feel going on around me, from the virus to political and social tensions to changing of the seasons as we all continue to deal with these difficult times the best we can. I process emotions through music and I always hope to help others cope with theirs by sharing what I create as an artist.

“Earthborn – Despite Our Differences” and is the first movement to the larger work called “E3 Oratorio”. This movement is a reflection on the fact that despite our differences we are all born on this earth and share in the experience of living our lives out together. My take away in this reflection is that we are best off only if we learn to be harmonious some way or another. In this song, you will hear a wandering cello line searching at the intro and then two distinct statements of a melody at the beginning each continuing in a question to each other with moments of singing in unison together. In the melody, I use a musical interval of a major 7th. An interval is the distance or number of notes between two pitches. The human ear is trained and drawn to the perfect interval of the 8th (called an octave) and when we hear the 7th, there is a yearning and tension that can be felt because it is incomplete so to speak. “Earthborn – Despite Our Differences” seeks deeply for an answer with glimpses of harmony and understanding leading the way for the second movement of “E3 Oratorio” which attempts to give us the motivation and energy to find our solution.

It is my wish that we may all find peace together. I present to you “Earthborn – Despite our Differences” as my musical reflection on finding our harmony.

Video by October Skies Productions, www.octoberskiespro.com
Music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Jenn Cornell
Track mastered by Donn Aaron

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