1. Hi there
    I had the good fortune of flying through Atlanta and having a layover there for a couple of hours yesterday, and had the further good fortune of choosing to go have a glass of wine at a place where you were playing. I thought you were amazing and wondering where I can buy or follow your music.. I tried Spotify and it did not work. So, please let me know.. thanks

  2. I heard you play today at the Atlanta airport. I told you that you changed my terrible day into a day I will never forget. Your music touched my heart and lifted my soul. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us weary travelers who are away from our families. Blessed be!

  3. Flying through ATL today, 3 hr layover. Leaving the chaos of Terminal C, I wandered over to E, and heard this beautiful music, where was it coming from? Wow, What wonderful tones that come forth from your cello. The best part of my day, and an unexpected pleasure. Thank you for brightening my day.

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