1. Hello Ms. Cornell, It was a privilege and a blessing to hear you play this afternoon in Atlanta! George

  2. This is Deb from NM…You made my day. I had been trying to get home for 2 days and you were the highlight. I’m going to respond to your e-mail so you have me as a contact. I have always loathed ATL airport, now I have a different memory….would have like to get people to dance, even for a moment!!! So glad I met you and hope if you ever come this way, I can help you in Taos and show you around. Many blessings to you for making a “new” experience in Atl. airport for me. I wish you blessings, luck and much good will.

  3. Jenn-
    Just a traveler today, left Birmingham on way to DC. I had the distinct pleasure of listening you perform. I asked you for Wild Horses, you jumped right up to it! It was beautiful, your passion flowed out wonderfully. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

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