Jenn Cornell is a performer, composer and educator bringing cello across boundaries with her visionary style of playing, creating songs that stretch what a cello can be, and inspiring young musicians with her mentor approach to teaching.  Jenn has had a diverse career as a professional musician beginning with when at age 11, she realized she desired to play cello the rest of her life.  Since then, she has crossed over from classical into the genre-bending music she creates today in performance, film scoring, and education of the arts.

Jenn Cornell brings joy to every aspect of her music.  She believes that performance is a visual art, as well as auditory, where rhythm and movement become a dance of instrument and body. She is often joined on stage by her drummer, Emrah Kotan, who has a skill and fire matching Jenn’s high energy and virtuosity to bring an exciting and progressive groove to the music.  Jenn Cornell’s cello stylings have also lent themself well to other artist’s including:  double platinum bill-board artist B.o.B.; Michael Malarkey of the hit TV series “Vampire Diaries”; and to filmmaker Chris Anthony Hamilton in the original music she composed for “Body and Son”.    

Jenn performs in many different venues from Performing Arts Centers, Clubs, Schools, and Universities, to one of her repeating engagements at the world’s busiest airport Jackson-Hartsfield International Airport where she gets to keep her finger on the pulse of not only Atlanta but also connecting her to the world and her music to it.  In addition to performing, Jenn is committed to using music to make the world a better place and brings her music to hospitals and assisted living homes; as well as, mentors as head of the string department at the Community Music Centers of Atlanta.  

Jenn Cornell believes that music has the power to move energy and she continues to use her’s to do so in all the ways she can.