Jenn Cornell 100% +++

This feature tells the story of passion and drive that Jenn Cornell experiences in her life of playing cello. Learn what motivates her and what core values she holds in her devotion to making music.

Gail McCabe of CreativeMediaMatters met Jenn Cornell at the Atlanta Airport when she was traveling to film a feature abroad for the CDC and Jenn was performing her music for travelers. Each were intrigued with the other’s creative work and they stayed in touch. In this video feature, Gail helps bring to light what what truly matters in Jenn’s creativity.

Video and Story by Gail McCabe, CreativeMediaMatters
All music composed and performed by Jenn Cornell

Additional video footage provided by and recorded at the following locations: IGNI Productions, Serenbe Institute Brian Walton, Red Clay Theatre Southside Church Evan Natwick and nawLENS, Hartsfield-Jackson Int. Airport Kodak Film Lab Rootstock Listening Room October Skies Productions, Community Music Centers of Atlanta

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