Jenn Cornell Live Performances Showcase

A showcase of Jenn Cornell’s live performances from different venues including shows during quarantine. Jenn Cornell is a performer, composer and an educator bringing cello across boundaries with her visionary style of playing, creating songs that stretch what a cello can be, and inspiring young musicians with her mentor approach to teaching.

Jenn was first a classically trained musician and then realizing she had more to say with cello, she started treating her cello as if it was a guitar, a drum set, an electric bass, and emulating some of the great soloists that she looked up to (like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Miles Davis, and Jean-Luc Ponty) shredding on her solos and improvising jazz riffs. Bringing effects, looping, and the world renowned Turkish percussionist Emrah Kotan into the mix, Jenn Cornell’s sound became instantly recognizable as her own and her music’s genre sitting at the cross roads of Classical Fusion, Rock, World and Crossover Jazz.

In addition to her own projects, Jenn has contributed her talent to other artist’s including: double platinum bill-board artist B.o.B.; Michael Malarkey of the TV series “Vampire Diaries”; and to creating original music for films, like “Body and Son”. Jenn is committed to using music to make the world a better place and brings her music to hospitals and assisted living homes; as well as, mentors as head of the string department at the Community Music Centers of Atlanta.

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