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    1. U r EPiC!!!! I was getting off a plane at the airport and I heard a sounddddd!!! I said I have to follow the love I almost missed my flight because I could not leave. I wAnt to book you Please let me know what I need to do to find out. You are love ?

    2. Hey Jenn, hope everything is ok. I was in Atlanta airport around 2 months ago you were playing your cello, it was really lovely. Here my picture of you, sorry for the late.. I’m still traveling! Hope you’ll like it if you want to use it, just do it don’t worries! if you use it and put my name on i’ll send you a big hug! If you want more contact me on my E mail 🙂

    3. You brightened my day and made my layover beautiful! Thank you for sharing your passion and skill with us!

    4. I forgot to mention in my email that I saw you this week on The Weather Channel. Very special to see you and you looked great.

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