Freedom Pulse High Quality Audio Files (FLAC) and MP3 Downloads


High Quality Audio Downloads of complete album. Released May 2020. All rights reserved.



High Quality FLAC Audio and MP3 Downloads of complete album. Downloads will be received via links.

All Songs composed by Jenn Cornell. Released May 2020. Jenn Cornell, cello. Emrah Kotan, drums/glockenspiel/percussion. Tracks 1,3,4,5 cello recorded at FAME Studios, Muscle Shoals. drums recorded by Larry Blewitt at Green Tree Media. Tracks 2,4 cello recorded by Jenn Cornell. Mixed and Mastered by Donn Aaron. All Rights Reserved.

Track Listing:
1. Andiamo
2. Thanksgiving
3. The 13th Good
4. Freedom Pulse
5. Alright All Right
6. Skipping


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